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Glenn Hughes "Eddie Van Halen and me talked about joining Van Halen"

Just occasionally during the course of an interview or conversation you stumble across a revelation that hasn't been aired before or if it had it has long since been forgotten such was the case when I caught up with Glenn Hughes recently to discuss primarily the upcoming tour celebrating 50 years since the recording of "Burn" by Deep Purple but before we got there we revisited his time with Trapeze and found out he also joined ELO right at the beginning of their being .

This show also incudes a feature with Lance Lopez who has also just released a new solo

alum "Trouble is Good" he was in good form as well as we explored his time growing up in Shreeveport Louisiana then Dallas where he met Billy Gibbons one evening whilst he was playing Hendrix songs on stage as a 16 year old Billy was eating Italian food with his date next door but heard this familiar sound so came in and introduced himself whereupon the 2 became friends.

Back then to our conversation with Glenn Hughes when Glenn actually joined Deep Purple he was a highly accomplished musician and performer having toured the US extensively with Trapeze

Glenn Hughes:

"You know, I went to the States in 1970 with Trapeze. We were opening for our friends in the Moody Blues and I had an extensive run of three years touring with Trapeze in America. So it was consequently my career was all in America. But back in the UK, I really didn't do a lot of work but because I was basically living in America almost all that time".

Tim Caple:

"Now tell me, and not a lot of people know this, before you joined Deep Purple, you nearly joined this band called the Electric Light Orchestra in fact you did actually join and moved in with Roy Wood for 2 weeks"

Glenn Hughes:

I did. Yeah, Roy was a close friend. I'd known Roy since the move and Jeff and Bev and Roy were forming this band called E.L.O. They were just about to start making that record and they asked me if I'd like to play bass and be one of the singers. It was Don Arden that came to see me and I couldn't refuse Don Arden, you know,"

Through the course of the conversation we had, which you can hear in full on the podcast Glenn recounted many tales and anecdotes including the time he was berated by David Coverdale for bringing guests into the studio whilst the band were recording even if it is a music legend !

Glenn Hughes:

I was in the record plant in LA and Stevie Wonder was in the next studio in the same building and I met him in the bathroom and I asked him if he'd come, you know, come and sit in with us, you know and I was doing the vocals with David and then I took Stevie in the studio, David was at the microphone and he couldn't see very well and he said, Gee, I don't like it when guests come in the studio. I said, but David, it's, I said, it's, he said, I don't care who it is. I said, but it's Stevie Wonder. Yeah."

The track that Stevie loved was this one as performed live by Glenn who was in some form on this night a few years back.

So there you get the flavour of the conversation we had do listen in to the show if you haven't and take a look back at some of the previous editions as Glenn appeared earlier in the year with Doug Aldrich on the show and a quick word for the band who will be supporting Glenn on this tour "The Damn Truth " now if you are a bit behind the times what can i say, Lee-La-Baum is a force of nature an incredible presence and voice live it will be some night on this tour they are currently back in the studio after a short UK tour working with Bob Rock on their new album more details to come on that when we get them.

Cover versions are not to everyone's taste but, I would imagine if Mick and Keith heard this version of "Gimmie Shelter" then accolades would be forthcoming

And don't forget Lee was on the recent edition of the show so if you missed it get over and give it a listen .

Until next time

Thanks for stopping by

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