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Suzi Quatro "I"d love to work with Rod Stewart and Robert Plant who wouldn't"

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The Queen of Rock "Suzi Quatro" returns with a brand new album recorded with KT Tunstall

called "Face To Face" it is released on August 11th and it is some of the best work she has recorded in the last 3 decades and she is our guest on a special "extra" show which will be out this weekend.

For those of you expecting a raucous full on rock record sorry to disappoint but this album

reveals a Suzi and KT that you previously won't have seen or heard before, we have country and western flavours, bluegrass, blues and rock of course as well as soulful ballads.

The friendship between the two began after an Elvis tribute show back in 2010 when Suzi headed back stage and introduced herself telling KT "I see a lot of me in you" and that was it until around 2018

" So we had a lunch, it then turned into us remote writing a couple of songs, and we both recognized pretty quickly there's something, something's going on. And I said, why don't you come stay at the house for a few days and let's see what we got. And we sat on my carpet in the front room barefoot. with all of our paraphernalia in front of us and we started to talk. And this was our process. We talked, we talked, we talked, and all the time we're writing and writing and writing in our heads, and all of a sudden a song appeared"

Tim Caple

So this is, it is one of the year's surprises, although we've known for a while that the album was coming. I don't think anybody expected what we got here. This is a very mature, very grown up album that explains subjects that only living a life actually reveals and the songwriting has been blended into these wonderfully finely crafted and at times quite emotional tunes.

Suzi Quatro:

Yeah you have to live the life to write what we wrote about. We took every subject very seriously and we went the distance. What we developed was this trust between us, this respect for both our artistry. We kind of leaned towards each other and we created something brand new out of it. But every song goes the distance. We dove in to each subject. And I'm glad you found them emotional because there are some... emotional songs on the album. Oh boy are there. KT was talking the other day on an interview and I was listening to it. The illusion, she I think that's her favorite, the illusion. I don't know what my favorite is. I think it might be face to face. I don't know. But as far as Earworm goes and one that is just stinkingly commercial and it's an anthem is Shine A Light, you know. And it says something so important, shine a light on me or let me be. Don't have the jerks in your life. You don't need them.

There is a lot more in this feature with Suzy so do listen in to the full edition of the show which you can find on the website on Friday.

And whats next ? well coming soon we have a great feature with one of the founding members of that British "Heavy Metal" institution that is Saxon and we have John Corabi who returns to the fold with"The Dead Daisies" coming up as well.

Before you leave take a look at the new release from "The Struts" led by the outrageously

talented Luke Spiller it's called "Too Good At Raising Hell" new album is coming in November they are on tour in the US this month.

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