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"The Fun is Back" John Corabi on his Dead Daisies Return

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Coming up on the new edition of the show I am joined by John Corabi who is back primed and ready to hit the road with "The Dead Daisies" after stepping down in 2018 suffering the effects of what had been a gruelling 3 year period with the band that had seen them produce 3 studio albums 1 live album and multiple World tours.

John is currently at home in Nashville where we spoke this week

"so when it became known that Glenn would be moving on after 2 albums with the band were you waiting for the call did you expect the phone to ring with the offer to return"


No. You know, again I had even had some fans come up to me and say, hey, dude, did you see that post that Glenn did? He's I think he's, you know, he's taking a little hiatus from the daisies. Do you think you're going to go back? And I was. You know, I wasn't being bitter about anything or whatever. I was just calling it, you know, a spade of spade. I'm like, nah, they're probably going to get that Dino kid from Croatia because he had filled in for Glenn on a few shows. Glenn had.

So I just assumed they were going to get Dino, who is a brilliant singer. So I was like Whatever. So then my phone rang and David Lowy said, hey, I wanna come to Nashville on Tuesday do you wanna go to dinner? And I'm like, oh yeah, sure. Again, I'm the slow guy to the party. I was assuming David had some business or something to take care of here in Nashville. So I'm like, yeah, okay, cool. So I went, you know, I wasn't expecting anything. I just go and I went and met him at the restaurant where we were meeting and I sat down and he goes, you rested? And I'm like, yeah, yeah. He goes, well, I don't know if you know or not, but Glenn's going back to do his Deep Purple thing and some Black Country Communion stuff and you know, we want you back. And I go, wait, what? Like, okay. You know, so we hammered out a few things. My biggest concern was falling into that burnout trap again. He David assured me he goes look I want to be productive. I want to do records. I want to go out and kick ass on tour but I don't want to burn out and I think 2018 if I can be If I can be blunt, I wasn't the only one that was burned out everybody in the band was burned all the crew got burned even the manager"

So rehearsals have been going well and a set list is being built for the upcoming tour and it will include content from all the albums


Yes, yeah, and you know what? Just for the record, I, and you know, you might want to turn this part up a little bit louder when you edit. But

I love Glenn Hughes, but I want to punch him right in the frickin' throat. The guy is a freak of nature. But you know what? It's, it's really cool. We're doing some John Stevens stuff, who is a brilliant singer songwriter in his own right. And We're giving the audience a little bit of everything, and it's sounding awesome, man. We were at rehearsals and it sounded great, and we're just all excited to get back out and just have our fun again."

Bands doing cover versions is something thats usually met with sign's and groans not in the case of "The Dead Daisies" if you have seen the band live over the last few years then "Fortunate Son" "Midnight Moses" as well as a selection from Glenn's catalogue have all received very enthusiastic receptions live and this time around we could even see this make an appearance recorded during rehearsals this is a Daisiefied version of the Whitesnake classic "Slide it in" .

You can listen in to the full feature with John on the show which will be out next week and today is also release day for the "Best Of" album which also includes 2 new tracks both recorded with Glenn Hughes "The Healer" particularly outstanding and just re-iterates what John said above about Glenn "He is a freak of nature" and "Let it Set You Free" is the album's closer and just staying with Glenn if you missed the show we did with him last time out you can find it here on the website .

Here then to conclude is a clip from the upcoming show with John where he remembers the day the phone rang and Marco Mendoza was on the line with an offer he couldn't refuse, only initially he did .

And finally a quick word for "The Damn Truth" if you saw them on their recent tour of Europe and UK then you will be thrilled to know that such was the reception they received and the reviews from all who saw them that they will be returning for a short headline tour of the UK in October as well as featuring on the Glenn Hughes "Burn 50th" as well Lee-La-Baum was on the show in July you can listen in to the whole of it on the website if you want a quick taster then here is a clip from the show.

Thanks for stopping by and look forward to having you join me on the next show with John Corabi

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